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Merrell Bare Access 4 Running Shoes

The Merrell Bare Access 4 Trail provides full-foot connection and bonus cushioning which works hard for you on this zero-drop running shoe. The hyper-responsive insoles give you control while the Vibram outsole ensures durability, stability and slip resistance.

Mesh Upper

The upper of the Merrell Bare Access 4 Trail Running Shoes is made with air mesh which provides maximum ventilation to the feet, ensuring they are kept cool and comfortable. The overlay system is made from TPU which provides durability and doesn't add any extra weight to the shoe. The overlay system helps the fabric wrap around the foot and ensures the wearer with a secure, snug fit. The inner sleeve on the shoe has been treated with M-Select FRESH which naturally eliminates sweat and it's odour-causing bacteria with reactive, friendly microbes that break down perspiration on contact with natural enzymes, therefore making the interior environment cleaner and healthier for the foot. The upper also features a traditional lace closure and reflective details which ensure visibility in low light conditions.

MBound Midsole

Equipped with MBound which is a midsole technology that's meant to deliver surface feedback to the foot of the wearer, while providing cushioning at the same time. The cushioning provides the wearer to have a feel of the surface, making the running experience seem closer to the ground. Also in the midsole, CMEVA (Compression Molded Ethylene Vinyl Acetace) which is a foam that's of high quality. It carries the foot well and doesn't break down easily, even after many uses as it's durability allows the wearer to use this shoe often with trust that the midsole will remain robust.

Vibram Outsole

This running shoe features the Bare Access outsole for its external layer. It has a rubber foundation for added durability, but its main technology is the Vibram which is a set of pods that give durable protection from wear and tear, as well as traction over surfaces. These rubber soles can take on tough terrains with unmatched durability, stability and slip resistance. With flex grooves in the forefoot, it allows the wearer to have a more responsive toe-off. It's a forgiving outsole unit that allows the foot to travel through the gait cycle with ease and comfort.

The Merrell Bare Access 4 Trail Running Shoes are Vegan-Friendly. There's more than one way to make a shoe. Vegan-friendly uses 0% animal products while providing 100% comfort and style. Feel good. Look good.


  • Air Mesh Upper - Provides ventilation, keeping your feet feeling cool and comfortable.
  • TPU Overlay - Ensures a secure and snug fit.
  • M-Select FRESH - Naturally eliminates sweat and it's odour causing bacteria.
  • Traditional Lace Closure
  • Reflective Details - Ensures visibility in low light conditions.
  • MBound - Provides surface feedback while providing cushioning at the same time.
  • CMEVA (Compression Molded Ethylene Vinyl Acetace - Maximum durability.
  • Vibram Sole - A world leading performance rubber sole which delivers excellent "foot feel" without compromising abrasion resistance.
  • Flex Grooves - Allows the wearer to have a more responsive toe-off.
  • Lug Depth - 2mm
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Stack Height - 13.2mm
  • Cush - 8mm
  • Drop - 0mm
  • Weight 181g (1/2 pair)
  • Wash as needed in cold water, gentle cycle and air dry.

What Matters Most

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Manufacturer product code - MERJ37751

Merrell Bare Access 4 Running Shoes Red MER753 Men - Running Shoes EREUTNP